Roofing Shingles / Roofing System ( Supreme )

Supreme Roofing Shingles/ System Supplier, Dealer in Thane, Mumbai

Roofing Shingles /  Roofing System  ( Supreme )

Your peak performance system. It takes more than just shingles to create a highperformance roof. It requires a system of products working together. The Roofing System is a lineup of key products that can help provide maximum durability for a roof. And the most protection for a home.

a. VentSure® Ventilation Products. Help protect the roof from moisture damage, such as warping and cracked shingles, by releasing heat from the attic.
b. Hip & Ridge Shingles. An attractive way to help protect the ridge vents so they can better do the job of preventing moisture damage to the roof deck.
c. WeatherLock® Waterproofi ng Underlayment Products. Help guard vulnerable areas where water can do the most damage to a roof: eaves, valleys, dormers and skylights.
d. Shingles. Add durable beauty to the home. Shingles are the first line of defense against the elements.
e. Starter Shingle Products. The first step in the proper installation of shingles.
f. Undereave Ventilation Products. Help prevent moisture buildup in the attic by working with ridge vents to keep air moving.

• ENERGY STAR Rated Shingles
• StreakGuard Algae Resistance Protection
• Limited 25 Year Warranty
• Wind Resistance