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Emblematic buildings
The light weight and flexibility of composite membranes offer tremendous freedom of shape for the creation of emblematic buildings. Tensioned roofs are ideal for large span roofs, allowing the transmission of natural light to ensure a pleasant luminous atmosphere.

Solutions for open and closed buildings
Flexlight membranes enable the installation of tensile roofs on open structures for sports activities (stadiums, grandstand roofs, etc.), cultural buildings (amphitheatres, etc.) and educational establishments (covered playgrounds for schools, etc.). They enable the creation of roofs or entire envelopes for closed buildings to optimise the transmission of natural light into atriums, shopping malls, sports halls and arenas, airport terminals and stations, etc. They also allow for the implementation of double skin thermal insulation solutions.

Durable materials
Based on Précontraint technology, Serge Ferrari has developed a range of high performance composite materials with lasting mechanical properties and proven aesthetics. Flexlight membranes are a perfect example of Serge Ferrari's environmental approach: they are eco-designed and can be recycled via Texyloop.