Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet

Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet
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Special  Features

• UV coating of both sides 
This is a product  of the nation's first UV coating  of both  sides,  and  shuts off ultraviolet noxious to  human bodies. 

• The nature of shock-resistance 
This product  shock-resistance is 200 times as strong as glass, and about  50 times as strong  as acrylic. 

• Lightness 
This product  maintains 1/4 pc  one-storied C.T and  is 1/6 times as light  as glass,  which  make  it possible to work  for building  structure  that is light  and strong. 

• The nature of insulation 
The nature  of insulation  is superior  because  this product  maintains high  rate of  permeation  of visible  light and  because  of air layer. 

• The nature of pliancy 
This  product  is easy  to  process,  it  is  possible  to  work  on  curved   face,  and  i t's  also  easy  to install  the product.  Thus the expense  for construction of the product  is curtailed. 

Applications of Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet :

• Bungalows
• Pharmhouse
• Second Home
• Resorts
• Hotels
• Club Houses
• Building Facia