Modular Structure
( Serge Ferrari )

Modular Structure

Halls And Industrial Buildings
A rapid response to your permanent or temporary storage needs

If you need storage or production space or a sports hall immediately, demountable buildings offer a solution within a short deadline, while ensuring optimal comfort and safety.

Serge Ferrari fire-resistant membranes have been used for more than 30 years, offering good mechanical and UV resistance and proven durability, even in difficult environments.

For industrial and leisure applications
Flexlight composite membranes are ideal for covering halls with steel and wood frames. They guarantee long life, low maintenance and perfect aesthetics for industrial tents, warehouses and storage shelters, hangars, sports halls and leisure areas.

Lightweight Structures, Tents and Canopies
Customised Event Tents

Modular structures, tents and marquees enable the creation of event locations within extremely short deadlines, for seminars, cultural events, exhibitions or even private receptions.

Tents for industrial applications
Modular buildings offer a solution that is quick to implement, extremely flexible and economical compared with a conventional construction for warehousing, storage buildings or hangars.

Market Reference Membranes
Flexlight composite membranes enjoy a long-standing reputation for their excellent weight/resistance/durability ratio, which ensures easy installation, long service life and no maintenance for both temporary and permanent installations. These fire-proof membranes are resistant to UV and mould and offer unrivalled dimensional stability.