Facade / Bioclimatic Facade : Building Construction and Renovation

Facade / Bioclimatic facade: building construction and Renovation

Designers, project owners and installation specialists throughout the world are constantly searching for innovative, competitive, attractive, durable and efficient products and solutions for new-build and renovation projects.

A fabric envelope suitable for all kinds of buildings
Serge Ferrari's Frontside solutions are a source of inspiration for all bioclimatic façades: offices, mixed-use buildings, shopping malls, residential projects, public buildings, hospitals, schools, car parks, etc. Frontside micro-perforated composite membranes can be used along with other materials, or alone as the main cladding.

Textile façades: innovative and effective
The Façade range by Serge Ferrari offers unique advantages:
• Aesthetics: 3D volumes, curves, lighting effects and backlit animations, personalised printed graphics
• Durability and resistance to all weather conditions and UV
• Lighter than other materials
• Thermal comfort and energy savings, contributing to environmental construction certification approaches, such as Breeam, Leed and HQE
• Preservation of outside views, while limiting dazzle
• Easy to install for new-build and renovation projects.

With our façade materials that can be recycled via Texyloop, your façade will have a low ecological footprint, while optimising thermal and visual comfort and saving energy.