Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofing System

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet - SUNTUF®

SUNTUF offers the excellent properties of polycarbonate in a durable corrugated structure. Its mechanical robustness, high light transmission, UV blocking, weather resistance and low weight make it superior to many alternatives. Coupled with Palram’s manufacturing capabilities, SUNTUF is ideal for almost any roofing application, stadia or pergola, rooflight or cladding.

Unlimited Profile Matching
On top of SUNTUF’s large profile catalog, it can be matched to any given pre-existing or custom ordered corrugation profile using Palram’s proprietary production technology. The service is free of charge and does not delay supply schedules.

Benefits of SUNTUF Profile Matching

• Maintain an even and consistent roof assembly
• Simple and easy installation
• Rooflight implementation with no additional fittings
• Reduce duration and cost of the installation
• Maximum impermeability
• Maximum flexibility in new roof designs
• Maximum flexibility when matched to existing roof

SUNTUF is currently available in over 300 known profiles. For a complete profile listing please see “SUNTUF Rooflights Profile Catalog” available from the SUNTUF product page on

Adhesives & Sealants Compatibility

Although SUNTUF resists the majority of widely available adhesives and sealants for roof installations, some of the products are not chemically compatible with SUNTUF and are not allowed to be used in installations. For a complete listing please refer to “Recommended Adhesives and Sealants for Palram Polycarbonate Products”, which is available as part of the SUNTUF marketing kit or from your local distributor. The list also appears on the Palram global website ( Palram offers compatibility tests for specific sealing materials submitted through an authorized representative.

Weather Resistance
SUNTUF will resist all that nature has to offer. Wind will not buckle it. Hail bounces off. Extreme temperatures will not render or brittle it.

Resistance to UV Radiation SUNTUF is manufactured with an integrated UV resistant layer that will not separate or peel over time. Accelerated weathering tests in laboratory conditions (2000 hours QUV, equivalent of 20 year of exposure) show a negligible decrease in light transmission, and invisible increase in yellowness index.

Protection from the Harmful Effects of UV Radiation

Exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) solar radiation is a well known and major health concern. In addition to skin cancer, premature aging has been associated with exposure to UV. SUNTUF sheets completely block out UV radiation.

A comparison of the UV protection offered by SUNTUF and that offered by sunscreen cream 15 is depicted in the graph below. Note that no barrier is as effective as SUNTUF sheet. Activity under SUNTUF will be more protected than that offered by proper application of sunscreen, though the latter is sufficient in almost all cases.