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Palram Corrugated PVC Sheets, Onduline Roofing Sheets / Tiles


PALRUF corrugated PVC sheet is an all-round durable roofing solution, combining excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and impact.

The Onduline group was founded in France in the 1940s to manufacture and market the now famous Corrugated roofing sheets. The outstanding growth and success of the group in the last 60 years has seen the company become the worlds’ largest manufacturer of corrugated light weight roofing sheets. The products are a combination of cellulose fibres and bitumen which are combined at high temperatures and pressure. The Onduline group operates in over 100 countries through a number of subsidiaries and distribution partners. The Onduline group is highly committed to the preservation of our environment and contributes to this aspect by recycling over 200000Tons of cellulose fibres to manufacture its products.
Onduvilla corrugated tiles are designed to give roofs a pleasant look reminiscent of traditional clay tiles, while at tje same time being extremely loght, An exclusive 3 tone painting system ensures a natural texture on the tiles. These tiles are made of a single layer of organic fibres and bitumen combined with resin.

Versatile is a premium range roofing profile from Safintra that gives the look of tiles. It is available in Pre-painted Zinc Coated Steel, Pre-painted Aluminium-Zinc Coated Steel or Pre-Painted Aluminium sheets, with long life unmatched by other Tile Profiles.

Versatile is also available with the option of the Polyvinyl Di-Fluoride (PVDF) paint system, provides roofing that has a 15 year fade free warranty. All this goes to mark out Versatile as a classy, lightweight, durable and beautiful product that is ideal for the most discerning user.

Trimflute is a subtle square fluted profile sheet the long flute gives the profile its strength with long spanning capabilities. Trimflute can be used as a roofing as well as a cladding profile.
Safintra Roofing (India) Limited is a public limited company incorporated in the Indian Subcontinent and is a joint venture between two Multinational entities, the Safal Group of Africa and the Octamec Group of India.

Safintra adds a new dimension to the world of roofing and cladding. Forget about the worn out old standards of the past and welcome a range of products that permits a wide range of custom design specification.
Jeli Resin Roof Tile

Special  Features

UV coating of both sides
This is a product  of the nation's first UV coating  of both  sides,  and  shuts off ultraviolet noxious to  human bodies.

The nature of shock-resistance
This product  shock-resistance is 200 times as strong as glass, and about  50 times as strong  as acrylic.