Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet

Jeli Resin Roof Tile  

Special  Features

UV coating of both sides
This is a product  of the nation's first UV coating  of both  sides,  and  shuts off ultraviolet noxious to  human bodies.

The nature of shock-resistance
This product  shock-resistance is 200 times as strong as glass, and about  50 times as strong  as acrylic.

This product  maintains 1/4 pc  one-storied C.T and  is 1/6 times as light  as glass,  which  make  it possible to work  for building  structure  that is light  and strong.

The nature of insulation
The nature  of insulation  is superior  because  this product  maintains high  rate of  permeation  of visible  light and  because  of air layer.

The nature of pliancy
This  product  is easy  to  process,  it  is  possible  to  work  on  curved   face,  and  i t's  also  easy  to install  the product.  Thus the expense  for construction of the product  is curtailed.

Applications of Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet :

• Bungalows
• Pharmhouse
• Second Home
• Resorts
• Hotels
• Club Houses
• Building Facia